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Paul Kane Watercolour - Ojibwe Cermonial Drum
Painted Cree Frame Drum
Cedar Box Drum
Frame Drum with 2 Snares
Octagonal Painted Frame Drum
Butterfly Painted Frame Drum
Ojibwe Frame Drum
Cedar Log Drum
Raven Wolf Drum
Halibut Drum
Dzunukwa Mask
Kwigwis Mask
Bakwas Mask
Deaf Man Mask
Nulamal Mask
Crooked Beak Mask
Baxbakwalanuksiwe Mask
Owl Mask
Ancestor Mask
Xwi Xwi Mask


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Design Notes

This project has endeavoured to bring inspiration from the world around us into webpages. Like it's sister site,, has backgrounds and colour schemes can be changed and maintained independently of each other. As well, in harmony with Native Drums, circular and curved layout patterns have been used throughout, notably in the curved edges to the text, the planet motif, and the major and minor button arcs. The interactive version of this site goes further and introduces a motion component and transparency effects extending the persistent yet variable nature of the site.

Production Team Credits

Many thanks to the following dedicated individuals who built this website:

  • Frank Krzyzewski, Production Manager
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  • Maud Revel, French Translation

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