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Paul Kane Watercolour - Ojibwe Cermonial Drum
Painted Cree Frame Drum
Cedar Box Drum
Frame Drum with 2 Snares
Octagonal Painted Frame Drum
Butterfly Painted Frame Drum
Ojibwe Frame Drum
Cedar Log Drum
Raven Wolf Drum
Halibut Drum
Dzunukwa Mask
Kwigwis Mask
Bakwas Mask
Deaf Man Mask
Nulamal Mask
Crooked Beak Mask
Baxbakwalanuksiwe Mask
Owl Mask
Ancestor Mask
Xwi Xwi Mask

The Mi’kmaq Of Eastern Canada - Acknowledgements

We would like to acknowledge all the people who gave input and inspiration to help create the Mi’kmaw essay, and related interviews, videos and photographs. Some people have been quoted directly, but all have given generously of their knowledge. This has been the main source of information for this website essay. We hope we have done justice to their contributions.

Our thanks go to the Mi’kmaq Ethics Committee for allowing this project to be undertaken, as well as Gary Joseph and Kenny Prosper for their research and assistance in conducting interviews.  A special thank you to all the people who consented to be interviewed for this project.

Dr. Margaret Johnson, Eskasoni
Caroline Gould, Waycobah
Georgina Doucette, Eskasoni
Frank Nevin, Shubenacadie First Nation, Nova Scotia
Peter J. Robinson, Shubenacadie First Nation, Nova Scotia
Ellen Robinson, Shubenacadie First Nation, Nova Scotia
Joseph L. Meuse, Shubenacadie First Nation, Nova Scotia
Marie Robinson, Shubenacadie First Nation, Nova Scotia
Archie Barlow, Indian Island, New Brunswick
Evangeline Sanipass, Indian Island, New Brunswick
Marion Anne Brooks, Indian Island, New Brunswick
Anne Barlow, Indian Island, New Brunswick
Elizabeth Meuse, Shubenacadie First Nation, Nova Scotia
William Nevin, Elsibogtog, New Brunswick
Maxwell Francis, Elsibogtog, New Brunswick
Danny Ward, Elsibogtog, New Brunswick
Shirley Anne Taylor, Shubenacadie First Nation, Nova Scotia
Rose-Anne Nevin, Shubenacadie First Nation, Nova Scoti
Margaret Johnson & Caroline Gould, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.

Special thanks to the Eskasoni Mi’kmaq Dancers for allowing us to use their logo on the Native Dance site, and for sharing their dances and their words with us.

Beverly Jeddore, Eskasoni, Cape Breton. (Drummer and chanter)
Kwimu Denny, Eskasoni, Cape Breton (Drummer and chanter)
Joel Denny (manager Eskasoni Mi’kmaq Dancers, musician, dancer)
Aluk Denny, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Jonathon Denny, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Kiwnig Denny, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Joel Nathan Denny, Jr., Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Richard Noel Denny, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Devon Wapsku Johnson, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Kathy Denny, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Irena Denny, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Sarah Denny,Jr., Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Chase Denny, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Dimitri Prosper, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Wilma Simon, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Maurice Simon, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Sarita Jeddore, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Andrew Jeddore, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Joan Lafford, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Erica Lafford, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Raybecca Lafford, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Cassidy Lafford, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.
Jolita Lafford, Eskasoni, Cape Breton.

Special thanks to Georgina Doucette for inviting us into her home to film her making dance shawls.

And very special thanks to Dr. Margaret Johnson, Caroline Gould, Wilfred Prosper, Sarah Denny, Rita Joe, Checker Bernard, Irene Julian, Annie Cremo, Peter and Helen Robinson, Vivian Basque, Joel Denny, Joey Gould, Joe Peters, Bern Francis, Vaughen Doucette, Junior Joe, Basile Joe, Benji Laffert, Phillipa Pictou, Peggy Thayer, and many others who contributed enormously to the earlier research on Mi’kmaq Dance by Trudy Sable.

   * * *

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